5k Charitable Run for Bitcoins

This year here at the World Scout League Commission (WSLC) we will be holding our first annual international run for bitcoins as a way to raise charitable donations. As the WSLC we have come to recognize our influence within the healthcare community and we hope to use that influence to increase funding for much needed healthcare research. The vast majority of the funds raised will go towards age related illness research. This includes research that primarily focuses on the number one illnesses that kill humans today, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. The donations will be divided up and given to specific research projects that we believe have the highest potential in eliminating these illnesses. The run will be a distance of 5 kilometers and begin in the park of Pinar del Río in barrio Manila in the city Medellin, Colombia. It will end at Lineal Ciudad del Rio Park in the district of Ciudad del Río in the city of Medellin, Colombia.We originally chose Medellin, Colombia because it has some of the best weather in the world and has increasingly become one of the most popular tourist destinations of South America. Medellin has also developed a high level of modern conveniences in relation to other cities and countries in the region so those who come for just a short visit will feel right at home. The run is not a race, but an activity to bring people together that want to contribute in the effort to fight the most significant diseases of our time. The date of the run will be March 29, 2015. Registration will begin at 2:00pm and the run will initiate at 3:30pm. The registration fee will the the number of bitcoins that is the equivalent of 20 USD. Other bitcoin donations will be accepted and are encouraged. In later years we hope to add other locations to the charitable project. We also hope to add other activities to the bitcoin run and evolve the project into bitcoin game activities so even those who are not able to run will be able to participate.   Date: March 29, 2015 Registration Time: 2:00pm Run Time: 3:30pm For online donations or registration please contact us: HERE

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