ACLS As One Of The Main Emergency Medical Training Programs

Due to the increase in the baby boomer population and the age of patients there in an increase in the demand of healthcare providers and specifically healthcare providers that are trained in emergency services that know how and when to act during the occurrence of a heart attack or stroke. Healthcare providers having a knowledge of how to act in the event of a critical situation that is life threatening is imperative. When I was first interested in learning about emergency medical training I looked at various programs that were currently available in my area. Through a little bit of research I was able to find a program that met my needs and that I was comfortable would prepare me for what was to come in my future career. A few of the certifications of the courses and certifications I realized were required for every scholastic program was that of Advanced Cardiac Life Support or ACLS, and Basic Life Support or BLS. Some of the programs also required that I take Pediatric Advanced Life Support or PALS certification. I wasn’t too familiar with these classes so I did a little more research and found that I could take the majority of them online. Live classes were also available but the online courses seemed more convenient. Online ACLS certification took me about two hours to complete and since it is the more advanced out of ACLS and BLS I was able to get both provider cards with taking a single exam. I also took the PALS certification online course but since I had already earned the BLS certification with the ACLS certification course I didn’t receive a BLS certification provider card when I finished the third course. When I enrolled in my Emergency Medical Transport program I began to realize I was already ahead of the other students in my knowledge because I took those three certification programs prior to enrollment. Other students had planned to take the courses while attending the program which I think was a big mistake. Now they had to deal with the pressures of the course work and they had to give up their valuable time to learn ACLS, PALS, and BLS certification at the same time. I already felt overloaded with what I had to learn from the program. I actually had many of the EMTs with which I was training make mention of how I seemed more advanced in my knowledge compared to many of the other students in my program. This surprised me because besides my past experience of my father being an ER doctor I didn’t have any previous training in the emergency medicine field. Some of the other students had even worked in the hospital setting before so I felt pretty good about where I was compared to the rest of the student group. So all this being said one of the best pieces of advice I can give to someone looking to become an EMT and begin training is to take their ACLS online, PALS certification, and BLS certification online courses well in advance to beginning their studies. It may be a little difficult at first but it will pay big dividends and make things easier in the long run.

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