Longer LIfespan Linked to Sense of Purpose

Several prestigious universities have performed a research study that has now linked the sense of well-bing and purpose to result in a longer lifespan. While testing in the past has proven benefits of those who have a positive outlook on life at advanced ages, now researchers can definitively say that there is a link between improved physical function and that of subliminal positive messaging. The study included over nine thousand individuals. Each with an age of 65 or older. Each individual was then divided into a group that labeled them as having a higher or lower level of well-being. After the subject group was created the researches then looked at the group approximately 8 years later to determine their overall health and physical function.

To determine which well-being group each individual belonged the researchers used questionnaires and then put the individuals into a broad set along with those that relatively matched on the same criteria. Ultimately the groups were made into 4 large subsets of individuals ranking their overall well-being. Each group had to be adjusted for other influencing factors from current physical health, sex, lifestyle habits, along with many others. Each member was measured on three different groups or types of well being. One of these being “eudemonic well-being,” which is the sense of value one adds to society and life around them. Another of these is “hedonic well-being” which is a sense of ambiguous happiness or ambiguous negative feelings and thoughts. The final one they measured was “evaluative well-being” which is the level of satisfaction one has with what they have in life. The findings were actually quite astonishing to the researchers showing that those with a higher sense of well-being lived an average of two whole years longer than those that suffered from a lower level of purpose and well being. The final statistics showed that after the 8 years out of those with the lower level of well-being 29 percent of them had already died while in the group of those with the higher level of purpose and well-being had only 9 percent of their group die.

The statistics of the percentage of people who have high levels of life satisfaction and well-being is quite different among cultures and countries. Those in English speaking countries tend to have the highest level of sense of well-being in their later years compared to most other countries. Those in Russia tend to have some of the lowest levels of a sense of well-being in their advanced years. Something to study next would be why each culture or country may have these differences and how we may learn from some cultures to help improve the sense of well-being of those who live in a country and culture where many individuals of advanced age aren’t happy or satisfied with their life. One of the simple answers to this is about involvement in the world around you. Those with advanced age that stay more involved with friend groups, social circles, or activities generally have a much higher level of well-being compared to those that are isolated. Here in the United States many people of advanced age have both the wealth and access to the infrastructure to make that happen. Hopefully these studies will lead to government involvement in helping to provide the resources in other countries to those who are of advanced age. In the long run it may actually reduce the cost burden of taking care of the sick geriatric population if they are kept in better mental health and stimulated socially.

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How to Become an Emergency Medical Technician

While becoming an emergency medical technician (EMT) isn’t necessary an easy task, the process can be simplified if you know what you’re doing. You never want to go into an education blind. An education requires time and money so spending your money in the right places is extremely important when choosing a career path. I decided to become an EMT almost 10 years ago and fortunately I had a lot of people that had gone through the process to coach me along the way. My dad is an Emergency Room doctor so he worked with several firefighter EMTs that were able to give me good advice when I was thinking about following in their footsteps. 1) Find Someone Who Has Already Become an EMT This is one of the smartest things you can do when deciding on an education and probably my single best piece of advice. I can give you all the tips in the world but there are certain nuggets of knowledge about schools and other jobs in your area that are known to the EMTs in your area. Most EMTs I have known are extremely friendly and supportive of anyone that wants to follow in their footsteps. Many of them made mistakes along the way when going through their scholastic and practical training. Because of this they can help you avoid certain pitfalls or mistakes that they or their friends made in the past. 2) Shadow an EMT in Your Area Before you go through the long and tedious effort to become educated and licensed as an EMT you should first know if it is even something that you would enjoy doing. Managing patient’s in a live situation verses watching a television series based on emergency scenarios in a hospital are very different. Also, when applying for EMT schools they will notice if you have any past experience shadowing. Many schools even require you to shadow an EMT a few times before they will accept you. 3) Build a List of Schools and Requirements You need to educate yourself regarding the different EMT schools in your area. Also, once you have these schools listed it is even more important that you list their requirements for entry into their programs. Sometimes different schools have different requirements. If three out of four schools have similar requirements regarding classes than you know where you can most efficiently use your time when completing pre-requisites. You may want to disregard a school that has several required courses that are not required by other schools. 4) Contact the Schools Contacting the schools before you begin the pre-requisites is also extremely important. You will want to know what the average GPA was for the previously accepted class. You will also want to find out what they view as most important in a candidate. Just by making a couple phone calls you can greatly improve your understanding of what you need to do to become an EMT. 5) Earn your ACLS, PALS, and BLS certification before entering into any program. ACLS online renewal is one of the easiest ways to complete this. Generally you can take your ACLS online renewal course in under an hour. PALS certification and BLS certification can also usually be earned in under an hour online. If you do these courses in a live classroom they will take several days to complete. While the online courses don’t have a hands on skills test I honestly don’t believe that the skills of resuscitation are learned in a 5 minute demo. It takes real life experience over and over again while being surrounded with other professionals to become proficient in CPR.



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5k Charitable Run for Bitcoins

This year here at the World Scout League Commission (WSLC) we will be holding our first annual international run for bitcoins as a way to raise charitable donations. As the WSLC we have come to recognize our influence within the healthcare community and we hope to use that influence to increase funding for much needed healthcare research. The vast majority of the funds raised will go towards age related illness research. This includes research that primarily focuses on the number one illnesses that kill humans today, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. The donations will be divided up and given to specific research projects that we believe have the highest potential in eliminating these illnesses. The run will be a distance of 5 kilometers and begin in the park of Pinar del Río in barrio Manila in the city Medellin, Colombia. It will end at Lineal Ciudad del Rio Park in the district of Ciudad del Río in the city of Medellin, Colombia.We originally chose Medellin, Colombia because it has some of the best weather in the world and has increasingly become one of the most popular tourist destinations of South America. Medellin has also developed a high level of modern conveniences in relation to other cities and countries in the region so those who come for just a short visit will feel right at home. The run is not a race, but an activity to bring people together that want to contribute in the effort to fight the most significant diseases of our time. The date of the run will be March 29, 2015. Registration will begin at 2:00pm and the run will initiate at 3:30pm. The registration fee will the the number of bitcoins that is the equivalent of 20 USD. Other bitcoin donations will be accepted and are encouraged. In later years we hope to add other locations to the charitable project. We also hope to add other activities to the bitcoin run and evolve the project into bitcoin game activities so even those who are not able to run will be able to participate.   Date: March 29, 2015 Registration Time: 2:00pm Run Time: 3:30pm For online donations or registration please contact us: HERE

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Why Is Emergency Medical Training So Important?

One of the most important things to recognize is there are more than just doctors and nurses that play their specific roles in saving lives in the medical industry. There is so much going on behind and in front of the scenes than what most people even see when dealing with a sick loved one. I realized this early on since my father was an Emergency Room physician and worked with people across the entire spectrum in the medical industry. You have to think; where do the IVs come from? Who produces the drugs that are administered? How is it that the syringes end up in the hand of skilled providers? These are just some of the many questions you can ask yourself to start realizing just how large and involved the medical industry can be. This also gives you a perspective of why medical services are so expensive. Receiving medical care is more than just having three to five trained professionals at your side 24/7. It is having an entire industry of professionals that work at different capacities always being attentive of your needs. When I realized this and knew that I wanted to get involved in the medical industry I started looking at what job seemed to fit me best. I didn’t want to be a doctor like my dad but I did like the intense nature of the emergency room and the excitement it had to offer. After spending quite a bit of time looking at what was available I finally decided on becoming an Emergency Medical Transporter or an EMT.

Can you enroll in emergency medical training course? Are you eligible?

When deciding on a career you should always find out if your circumstances meet the needs of entering the program. I have many friends who made poor decisions in the past and as a result limited their options when it came to choosing a career path. For example, it can be very hard to become a healthcare provider if you have a history of a DUI. I hate to bring this up in my blog but it really is important to think about these things when it comes to choosing a career path. If you have a relatively clean police record usually you can enroll in emergency medical training without too much difficulty. The other thing to consider is your past grades. You may be required to take a few college courses before you enroll in the course. Making sure you have all the requisites before entering the program is essential.

Job description of an emergency medical transporter

An EMT has the responsibility of intercepting, assessing, and initiating treatment of patients that are experiencing life threatening health events out in the field. Their job is critical to the ultimate survival of a patient beyond anything that is performed by a medical doctor or a nurse hours later in the hospital. Knowing this you should be prepared to handle the responsibility and stress associated with taking this job. This is why EMTs are trained in ACLS, PALS, and BLS certification. Reviewing ACLS online certification on a regular basis is also helpful for providers who want to keep their skills sharp and keep current on the newest findings and research.

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