Promising Findings that Eliminate Adult Onset Diabetes

Some new and exciting research has been done recently by researchers at Indiana University. Others involved in the research include the German Research Center for Environmental Health. These two groups combined have been able to cure lab mice of adult onset diabetes, obesity, and all abnormalities that occur with lipid balance with improved glucose sensitivity. Other benefits of their treatment include enhanced caloric burning and also a lower appetite. The specific treatment is a new peptide that is a molecular integration of the hormones designed to target the gastrointestinal system. The peptide combines two important hormones in the endocrine system GIP and als GLS-1. It also now includes glucagon in the treatment which is what has drastically improved the results. These hormones have proven to lower the lab rats’ blood sugar levels and also reduce their fat levels to a level that is far better than any previously created treatment. It seems as though these three hormones have a synergistic affect on the body.
Part of the success comes from the three hormones placed in a single molecule. As a result several metabolic factors are affects at the same time. Areas that are primarily targeted with this treatment include the brain, liver, fat, and pancreas. During the trials the researchers found they were able to reduce the body fat in the rats by about 30%. This is significantly more than when the researchers had attempted using the treatment without the glucagon add on. The great thing about this specific molecule is it can perform the actions of three hormones. While the GLP-1 and the GIP primarily work towards improving the action of insulin and lowering blood sugar levels, GLP-1 is well known for reducing hunger, and glucagon also helps improve the long term rate at which calories are burned.
It is also important to note that clinical trials with humans has already begun. This is good news for a large percentage of people in the United States because we have the second highest rate of obesity out of all the nations. Because of our high rate of obesity in the USA we also have a high level of the older population that have adult onset diabetes. Once the body has been programmed to maintain a certain weight it can be very difficult to lose weight even with proper diet and exercise. This new treatment brings hope to those who have failed at losing weight on their own. As a paramedic EMT I constantly take care of patients with adult onset diabetes. Most people don’t realize how detrimental obesity and adult onset diabetes can be to their health. The large majority of the people I have to perform the skills learned in ACLS certification and BLS certification are those that are overweight and many of which have adult onset diabetes. As technology improves we will see increased treatments that can help individuals manage their health issues and overcome specific factors that can dramatically cut down their life-span. This is just one of many diet and glucose regulating treatments on the horizon that will dramatically impact the general health of the American nation.

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