The Life of Anti-Cancer Drugs

From the time anti-cancer drugs are publicized to when they are actually deliverable products to the masses is quite a long one. Most people are not familiar with this process and what these drugs must face before being delivered to market. Many of these drugs actually never make it past clinical trials. The process is long and requires the attention and investment of many types of professionals from regulating agencies, research and developers, healthcare workers, buyers, and also patients. These are just some of the people involved in bring a new anti-cancer drug to market. Regulatory approval is not an easy thing to obtain in the medical industry. There are a series of trials that first must be run to evaluate the efficacy and risk of each new medication that is presented. Animal trials must first be performed. These animal trials often start with rats and move up to pigs and other primates. Once these drugs show to be relatively safe and have promise in eliminating cancer they can then be performed on a very small human population that are closely monitored and evaluated. For a drug to prove to be safe enough for regular human use commonly takes up to seven years of research, development, and clinical trials. Drug companies spend billions of dollars in the development of new drugs to bring them to market. Once the drug proves successful and is approved for human use on large scale it now must be brought to the attention of practicing physicians so they begin to use the medicine in practice. The process to have a drug completely implemented into practice by physicians efficiently and successfully usually takes about three years once the drug is finally approved. Unfortunately this delay in the creation of a drug and it’s availability is primarily for the safety of those who could possibly use it. Some people who might actually be able to take advantage of some of these drugs and live are denied the privilege because the drug hasn’t gone through the appropriate testing and approval. Some people even go to the extreme to travel to distant countries that don’t have the same tight regulations like the United States to obtain specific drugs and treatments that won’t be made legal in the USA until several years later. Those that suffer from a life-threatening illness such as advanced or late stage cancer find that this option is a viable option because they don’t have much to lose. Many of the healthcare providers I work with often talk about their patient’s that have used foreign medical aid to help in the even of life threatening illness. My ACLS online certified friends and I each make an effort to save the lives of those in the end stages of life but we have limits to what we are capable and legally allowed to do. Recognizing what your healthcare needs are and making the appropriate sacrifices to get the best treatment available is crucial in your survival. Being familiar with the drug approval process can help you make a more informed decision regarding the health of you and your loved one.

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