Undergoing Emergency Medical Training

Welcome back to the World Scout League. I want to start this article by letting you know how I came across the importance of Advanced Cardiac Life Support training and how it is related to emergency medical training. Most people when preparing to become an EMT don’t realize what certifications are required to practice in the field. There are many licenses one needs in order to be able to practice in the field of medicine, even at the level of an EMT. I grew up watching my father who was a doctor that worked in the Emergency Room at the local hospital. He helped me become aware of much of what happened in the field of emergency medicine and in some ways I even considered myself a “half doctor” by the time I started college. Though I didn’t want to become a doctor I still had interest in the field of emergency medicine like my dad. I was always fascinated with the field of medical science and the new advanced solutions constantly being discovered for today’s medical problems. I came across Advanced Cardiac Life Support or ACLS as they call it when I decided on becoming an EMT. Becoming ACLS certified is a requirement of all EMTs and so it was a must that I familiarize myself with the course prior to joining EMT school.

What is the course description for emergency medical technicians?

Before jumping into the decision of becoming an emergency medical technician you should know the details of what’s involved in the training and expectations of those in the career. Here I’ll try and walk you through what will be expected of you during the didactic and clinical portions of your training. There are basically three categories involved in the training. These categories amount to 120 hours which includes didactic and practical knowledge while also performing interventions in the field. Much of the time you’ll be following real EMTs out into the field for hands-on experience. Besides this there are also rigorous training sessions that include made up scenarios and testing. You will be required to take call along side other EMTs and expect to be called into the field at any time of the day or night depending on the demands of the job. While this is the practical portion of the training don’t forget that the didactic portion is just as rigorous. During this time you’ll be taking several classes that teach you how the body works, interventions associated with emergency medicine, and how those interventions work to save a patient in distress. Before starting the didactic courses I always recommend that students take ACLS online certification, BLS certification, and PALS certification to be prepared and have an edge above the other students.

What happens during the ambulance ride to the hospital or clinic?

What are the candidates suppose to do?

During the transportation of a patient the EMTs are the primary care takers of the patient and the ones making the decisions necessary to keeping the patient alive. This can be extremely stressful so those thinking they want to go into this particular job need to think about whether or not they will be comfortable carrying that amount of responsibility. The EMT may be required to start IVs, administer medications, perform airway management, provider cardiopulmonary resuscitations which is also known as CPR, intubate the patient, provide neck stabilization, along with many other tasks. As a student or candidate preparing to become an EMT you may be asked to perform any number of these tasks in real life situations. By doing so is the only way you will actually become proficient in your responsibilities. As mentioned before I truly do want each of you to be aware of what is going to be expected of you and how to be best prepared before starting your scholastic program. Start by reading my free online guide about how to obtain emergency medical training and sign up for ACLS online, PALS certification, and BLS certification online. Feel free to ask me any questions. I’m always here to help the next generation of students.

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