Why Is Emergency Medical Training So Important?

One of the most important things to recognize is there are more than just doctors and nurses that play their specific roles in saving lives in the medical industry. There is so much going on behind and in front of the scenes than what most people even see when dealing with a sick loved one. I realized this early on since my father was an Emergency Room physician and worked with people across the entire spectrum in the medical industry. You have to think; where do the IVs come from? Who produces the drugs that are administered? How is it that the syringes end up in the hand of skilled providers? These are just some of the many questions you can ask yourself to start realizing just how large and involved the medical industry can be. This also gives you a perspective of why medical services are so expensive. Receiving medical care is more than just having three to five trained professionals at your side 24/7. It is having an entire industry of professionals that work at different capacities always being attentive of your needs. When I realized this and knew that I wanted to get involved in the medical industry I started looking at what job seemed to fit me best. I didn’t want to be a doctor like my dad but I did like the intense nature of the emergency room and the excitement it had to offer. After spending quite a bit of time looking at what was available I finally decided on becoming an Emergency Medical Transporter or an EMT.

Can you enroll in emergency medical training course? Are you eligible?

When deciding on a career you should always find out if your circumstances meet the needs of entering the program. I have many friends who made poor decisions in the past and as a result limited their options when it came to choosing a career path. For example, it can be very hard to become a healthcare provider if you have a history of a DUI. I hate to bring this up in my blog but it really is important to think about these things when it comes to choosing a career path. If you have a relatively clean police record usually you can enroll in emergency medical training without too much difficulty. The other thing to consider is your past grades. You may be required to take a few college courses before you enroll in the course. Making sure you have all the requisites before entering the program is essential.

Job description of an emergency medical transporter

An EMT has the responsibility of intercepting, assessing, and initiating treatment of patients that are experiencing life threatening health events out in the field. Their job is critical to the ultimate survival of a patient beyond anything that is performed by a medical doctor or a nurse hours later in the hospital. Knowing this you should be prepared to handle the responsibility and stress associated with taking this job. This is why EMTs are trained in ACLS, PALS, and BLS certification. Reviewing ACLS online certification on a regular basis is also helpful for providers who want to keep their skills sharp and keep current on the newest findings and research.

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